The Domestic World


Diagrams from the series “The Domestic World: A Practical Guide” have appeared in Poetry, Covered w/ Fur, The Destroyer, and Small Po[r]tions, as well as in The Science of Things Familiar.


“Fig. 1. Diagram of a Memory” and “Fig. 64. Diagram of How I Felt When You Told Me I Look Like Him. Poetry, Nov. 2016: 168-169. Read Online.


Johnny Damm Diagram


“Fig. 241. Diagram of Your Touch,” “Fig. 442. Diagram of Your Breath,” “Fig. 8. Diagram of a Day Without Fighting (Navigation),” “Fig. 38. Diagram of an Argument,” Fig. 28. Diagram of What Remains Unsaid.” The Destroyer, 4:2 (2016). Online.



“Fig 16. Diagram of a Lost Day” and “Fig. 105. Diagram of What You Asked (Layers).” Covered With Fur, Spring 2015. Online.