Failure Biographies

“Failure Biographies” is a work-in-progress concerning ‘failed’ artists—in particular artists who were marginalized by the historic avant-garde and the early film industry. Pieces in the series have appeared in DIAGRAM, Drunken Boat, Entropy, Phoebe, and The Operating System’s 30/30/30 National Poetry Month feature.

“The Hidden Doors (Black Magic # 1),” a piece on the particular racism/ xenophobia of Elizabeth Bishop, Aquifer: The Florida Review. Online.



“Riddle of the Runaway Earth/ Benjamin Patterson (1934-2016),” a piece on Fluxus artist Benjamin Patterson, Phoebe 46.2 (2017). Online.



“Watching Stalin (Mystery in Space # 42),” DIAGRAM, 17.2 (2017). Online.



“The Motion Picture Director,” Drunken Boat, 24 (2016). Online.



“The Outcast (Tomb of Terror # 14),” a piece on Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, includes an interview on my work, Entropy’s The New Comics, September 2016, Online.

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“The Glory of Raymond Roussel,” The Operating System’s 30/30/30 National Poetry Month series, April 2016, Online.